About Me

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I’ve been photographing the world around me, in one form or another, since I brought my first camera as part of my degree in Communication Studies back in the early 90s! Back then I’d photograph anything that caught my eye - landscapes, wildlife, the night sky - but it was when my son was born in 2012 that I found my real passion and decided to focus on portrait work. As I started to capture his early life, I came to appreciate just how precious a frozen moment in time could be.

Now I am happiest with a camera in hand and someone else on the other end of the lens! I enjoy meeting new people and forging new friendships as much as I do the creativity and craftsmanship involved in producing excellent final images. When I am not photographing, I teach at Norwich School (one of the most respected Independent Secondary schools in Norfolk), drink coffee, read widely and laugh as often as life allows!



Where are you based?

I live and work in the Norwich area, although I am happy to travel and all my equipment has been sourced because it is portable. While I do sometimes work out of a studio, I like to use natural light and outdoor spaces for much of my portraiture because it tends to produce better results. I then enhance the available conditions using a range of lights, reflector panels and other gizmos to ensure professional results.

If you have a particular location in mind for your portrait, I can make most places work and my equipment does not require mains supply which give us much more flexibility. Basically, unless you are looking to shoot underwater (ironic, given my name but scuba-photography is not my thing - but I can refer you to someone who is part fish!) I will be able to accommodate you.



when are you available?

I can get pretty booked up, particularly on the weekends, but if you are operating to a tight schedule, I’d suggest you reach out and make an enquiry and I’ll do what I can to work to your timetable. If you already have a specific date and time in mind, head over to the ‘Bookings’ page and reserve your slot while it’s still available!